New semester, new teacher, new incentives


So my semester has started this week and I have a new teacher. My last teacher I have had for a year and was great. You may remember that he gave me stickers for good work.

Today I have a joint class with another student and we were set a task where we would get a prize depending on how many answers were correct. Amazingly I managed 100% today so eagerly waited the end of the lesson.

As you can see in the photo I was handed five sweets! This is much more appropriate for me I believe!

Upon eating a sweet however it soon became things weren’t quite what I expected. Turns out it’s Yak meat……

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

New Year like Christmas is not really celebrated here so there were only a few fireworks. People are saving them for Chinese New Year on 23rd January. Most foreigners leave the country as the military grade fireworks are let off each hour for 8 hours every night for a week! I’ll try and capture some on video for you all!

Quiet night for us but it’s a real privilege to be here and we’re grateful for all the support we have from home.

Have a great 2012 and hopefully see some of you over here!

More soon…….

Its a wondrous story to me….

Despite being in China the sounds of Christmas music have filled the air joinging the smog prevalent now the community heating is on.  Also in the supermarkets are Christmas trees and staff already wearing Santa hats.  I thought I would escape the marketing and hype this year!

I came across this video today that reminds me, kind of, that it truely is a wonderous story.  Trust you enjoy it too!

 Its certainly abit more appropriate to share than the “Fenton, Fenton, FENTON” one on YouTube that someone sent me yesterday!

More soon…….