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New semester, new teacher, new incentives


So my semester has started this week and I have a new teacher. My last teacher I have had for a year and was great. You may remember that he gave me stickers for good work.

Today I have a joint class with another student and we were set a task where we would get a prize depending on how many answers were correct. Amazingly I managed 100% today so eagerly waited the end of the lesson.

As you can see in the photo I was handed five sweets! This is much more appropriate for me I believe!

Upon eating a sweet however it soon became things weren’t quite what I expected. Turns out it’s Yak meat……

February 24, 2012


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  1. Simon
    February 24, 2012 at 20:52 #

    yak meat, what a result! Be nice though, make sure you share.

  2. Steven Hales
    February 25, 2012 at 01:12 #

    You will be even more of a ‘slimmy’ on such rations! Bring on 5 sausage rolls! Love to all!

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