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Chinese by candlelight


Upon arriving at my language school today it was soon clear that no power would mean no class! For the entire length of the street men were scaling poles replacing the power cables.  For the safety conscious you’ll be pleased to note hard harts were being worn but the harnesses were only belts.

The schools was dark and cold and so I expected to be sent home. However someone nipped out to the shop and bought some candles. Nothing stops a Chinese lesson eh?

My daughters response to the photo “How romantic!”

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December 6, 2011
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We’ve moved again…

…. well 66 days ago actually!

We were coming to the end of our first 6 months here and it was time to pay the next 6 months.  Our holiday in a smaller place made us question whether we needed such a big place and with big heating charges coming we decided at short notice it was time for us to move.

Fortunately a friend had a friend that was moving to University accommodation and their two bedroom flat was available!  As most charges are based on area we downsized to 125 square meters from 160 square meters.  A significant saving on service charges and heating bills.  The monthly rent is also cheaper!

The new estate is across the road from the last one so not far.  It has more green space, less cars and closer to our friends.  The girls can play outside on their own too!  We’re now on the 8th floor and so can see over the roofs of most buildings. It has double glazing and independent heating (We can switch it on when we want and pay for it with our gas card). On the last clear day we could even see the mountains! Yippee!!

More importantly though is that we share a lift with 22 other flats instead of over 125 flats in the last flat.  We have had more conversations with local people here in the first few weeks than we did in the whole of the 6 months in the last place.

The girls are all sharing a room now but they seem to be enjoying it.  They have again recorded some videos on the new place – hope you enjoy watching them!

  1. Introduction
  2. Lounge 
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bedroom 1
  5. Bedroom 2
  6. Bedroom 3
  7. Bye!
  8. Playing Outside
More soon………..
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November 1, 2011
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Getting cooler

Now that the temperature is above 35ºC we are using the air-conditioning a bit more.  One of the units has not be working and today we arranged to get it fixed.  One part of the unit is outside and requires someone to inspect and if necessary attach the replacement refrigerant.  One of the fellas jumped onto the platform and fixed it for us.   Fortunately we’re only on the 5th not the 20th floor!

Fixing the Aircon

Fixing the Aircon

You’ll be pleased to see that safety is important here and so the fitter is safely strapped into a harness.  Have a look at the following photo to see what the harness is attached to in case he takes a fall.

Safety 1st

Safety 1st

Yes that’s right his mate has it wrapped around his wrist!  Fortunately he was the larger of the two chaps (think Laurel and Hardy) but I’d prefer something a little more secure myself…..

Good news is that after 30 minutes everything was up and running again ready for the hot weather that’s on its way.

If your following our weather you need to realise that when the temperature hits 40ºC people are allowed to go home from work.  Officially the weather never goes above 40ºC and it is unlikely you’ll see it forecast…  Apparently the last two weeks of July are when it gets really warm!

More soon……….

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June 29, 2011
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what I’m doing….

Enjoying the cooler Welsh weather we’re having in Xian at the moment!
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June 22, 2011
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I can see 5 skyscapers from my…

I can see 5 skyscapers from my window see why here – BBC News – Megacities: China’s urban challenge – http://bbc.in/mMg26X

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June 21, 2011